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Break the cycle: How to get out of that uninspiring parental routine

It can feel like a routine that becomes automatic after a while; you wake up, look after the kids, do everything on autopilot. It’s this routine that, in many ways, could slowly start to have an impact on your frame of mind. As much as we love our children, we can feel trapped by the pressures of our day-to-day lives, especially if we don’t do anything exciting. You can end up feeling invisible as a mum, especially if you are taken for granted. And so, if you are stuck in a dull parental routine, what can you do to break yourself out of this?

Break The Cycle_ How To Get Out Of That Mind-numbing Parental Routine

Meet new people

We can get stuck in this parental bubble where we don’t meet anybody new, and it can become quite isolating. It’s important for your social skills to go out and meet new people because if you don’t use it, you lose it. And, spending time hanging around with your child, as wonderful as it is, doesn’t give you the same stimulation as talking to an adult. There are some new and different ways to meet people, have a read of to give you some inspiration.


Take on an adventure

If you haven’t been on holiday for a long time, maybe it’s time? Yes, finances are tight, and you can’t justify going on holiday for so long. But look at packages that can be accommodating for everyone. The problem is that sometimes, you don’t feel challenged. Maybe you need to do something for yourself, there are packages like that give you the opportunity to climb mountains, and as you’ve been through the biggest of challenges in raising your baby, this is a new mountain to climb, literally!


Learn something new

Your brain can slip into mundanity if you don’t use it much. Getting stuck in a routine is dangerous for our minds in one respect because doing everything on autopilot doesn’t give us the opportunity to expand our knowledge. Instead, pick up a new hobby, or do something that you wanted to do for a long time. It doesn’t have to be quadratic equations, you can learn a new language, pick up an instrument, do something that stimulates your brain.


Do something for yourself for once

Do you feel that it’s you cleaning up after everyone else, literally and figuratively? It’s time to do something for yourself if you feel like this. We can spend a lot of time focusing on our loved ones so much that we’ve lost all sense of who we really are. So, consider doing something that is for you, and you alone. Joining the gym is a great option because it gives you that ability to socialise with others, but also it is benefiting your body and your mind. Or if you don’t socialise much, get out there and see your friends.


Being a mother is great, but you can run the risk of your brain turning to mush if you don’t use it. A parental routine can become too much of a routine, and so you need to start challenging yourself. Try a few of these options, and anything else that you really want to do. It’s your time!


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post


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