things to do to show children love every day

5 things to do every day to let your children know you love them

This is kind of stating the obvious, but I love my children.

I love them with every part of me.

But there are times when I wonder if they are aware of quite how loved they are.  They hear the words a lot, from both me and their Daddy.  But sometimes I think hearing the words isn’t quite enough.  I think they need more than that.

So I’ve come up with 5 things I can do every day to make sure they know I love them.

5 things to do everyday to let your children know you love them

5 things to do every day to let your children know you love them.

 1.  Say it.

Say “I love you” as much as you can.  This is a nice easy place to start if you’re anything like me.  We say “I love you” several times a day.  And when it comes unexpectedly you can just see their faces light up.

If you spend a fair bit of your day away from your child then think about leaving them a note in their lunchbox, or hidden in their bag, telling them you love them.


2.  Hug it out.

Give them a hug. And let them be the first to let go.

Generally just let them be physically close to you.

I know there are times when that much physical contact can just get too much.  I know I’ve had days when I’ve felt really touched out by bedtime.  But as much as you can, let them be close to you.

Cwtch up close on the sofa when you read or watch tv together.  Hold their hands as you walk.  Any time they reach out to you for contact, give them what they need.


3.  Ask them about their day.

On the way home from school, or nursery, or as you get them ready for bed, ask them about their day.  And really listen to their answer.  Ask follow on questions, and echo back key points they make so they really feel that you understand.

If you don’t get much from them when you ask “how was your day?”, then try asking about their favourite thing that happened that day.


4.  Let them overhear you saying good things about them.

Talk to your partner about something good your child has done that day, but make sure you do it so that they can overhear you.  Don’t make it obvious you’re doing it so they can hear you, let them think that you don’t know they’re listening.

Hearing you happily telling someone else about how great you think they are is a fab way to boost their self-esteem as well as letting them know how much you love them.


5.  Be visibly happy to see them.

There’s a photo that’s been doing the round recently.  A nursery in Houston put a sign up on its door telling parents to get off their phones when they picked their children up.  I don’t like the way the note was worded, but I do agree with the sentiment.

Of course there are times when we might have to take an important phone call just as the school doors open.  Or we might have a baby with us who need our attention at that moment.  But I do think it’s really important to make an effort to stop what we’re doing and greet our children with a big smile and a hug when they come out of school.

They need to know that we’re happy to see them!  The same goes for other situations too.  Look up from what you’re doing when they come in the room, and flash them a smile.  And when you first see them in the morning, try and move past the brain fog and grumpiness and say good morning to them with a happy voice.


So there you go, 5 things we can all try and do every day to show our children how much we love them.

If you want to go a bit further with this then you can read this post I wrote a while ago about love languages.  Once you’ve worked out what love language your child speaks then you can find even more little ways to show love in the way that they need you to.

Do you do any/all of these things with your children regularly?  Are there any other little things you do with your children to show your love?

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