Questions about Frozen

5 questions I have about Frozen

I know, I know, we’re really late to the party with this one, but we’ve just introduced our children to Frozen and they absolutely love it.

I don’t want to think about how many times I’ve seen it in the last month.

But the thing is, the more you watch films like this the more questions you end up wanting answers to!  So, in the hopes that someone out there has some answers for me, here are 5 questions I have about Frozen:

5 questions I have about Frozen


1)  What’s the deal with Olaf’s song?  Am I the only one who just finds it all a bit strange, and like it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the film?

There’s just something rather Mary Poppins about it!


2)  Why does Kristoff not realise that Anna is Anna?!

By which I mean, he watches her get healed by the trolls when they’re children, he must know who she is because she’s taken there by her parents, the King and Queen!  Yet when they meet as adults and she gets struck again by Elsa’s magic it’s like he just doesn’t make the link or think, “oh this is familiar” at all.


3)  Who are Kristoff’s parents?  What happened to them?  Was he basically being raised by Sven?!


4)  How can Elsa suddenly magic up things like her new dress and, oh I don’t know, life?!

At the start it seems like her magic basically allows her to produce ice and snow, and things made out of ice and snow.  Fair enough.  But then she goes on to create Olaf, and bring him to life!  And magic herself up a nice new outfit, and then at the end, ice skates for Anna.  Is there a limit to what she can create?  Is it just things that are somehow linked to ice and snow?!

All very strange if you ask me.


5)  Why are the songs so damn catchy?

Seriously, I don’t think an hour has gone by the last month without me catching myself singing one song or another from the film.  On the plus side, Nerys likes to sing the songs too and it’s brilliant because, bless her, she really can’t carry a tune yet but she likes to belt them out which is just pure entertainment.

I’m sure there are more questions that need answering, but those are the 5 that have been bugging me the most recently. 

And, yes,  I know,  all this really means is that I’ve seen this film too many times now, but please, if you can shed any light on any of these issues please do let me know!

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