Reasons to take up golf

3 reasons to take up golf

Do you play golf?

It’s not something I’ve ever really considered playing myself, but my in-laws both play it on a regular basis and absolutely love it.

There are definitely benefits to playing a few rounds, and the fact that people seem to get hooked quite easily once they start playing suggests that it’s something worth thinking about.

Here are 3 great reasons to take up playing golf.

3 reasons to take up golf

It’s good exercise

Apparently the average golfer will walk around 8 km during an 18 hole round of golf.  Which works out at about 10,000 steps, the target amount of steps for lots of us fitness-tracker-wearers.

What’s great about golf is that you’re distracted by the game rather than thinking all the time about how much walking you’re doing.  Then before you know it you’ve reached your target number of steps for the day.

Researchers in Edinburgh reviewed 5000 studies into gold and well-being and found that there are lots of benefits to playing golf as a form of exercise.  It has various long-term benefits to our mental health and improves our cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health.


It’s social

Playing golf can be a really great social activity, as you take your time going round the course, chatting as you go.  And then there’s the time you can spend in the golf club afterwards, enjoying a drink and getting to know some of the other members.

There’s also something to be said for the positive effects that the dress code has on the social side of things.

The fact that everyone is dressed in a similar style helps to foster a sort of team spirit, making you feel part of something.  You can still express a bit of individuality though; these golf jackets from Function 18 come in a variety of colours so you can pick something that that feels like ‘you’ while still fitting in with the dress code.


It gets you out in the fresh air

While there are some places you can practice your golf skills indoors, most of the time you’ll be outside in the fresh air.

There are so many benefits to getting a good, regular dose of fresh air.  It leaves us feeling energised, less stressed and noticeably happier.  A lot of sports take place outside, but golf especially includes a real element of spending time in nature.

This time spent outside in green spaces does wonders for our sense of well-being, and we also get the added benefits of a dose of vitamin D from being out in the sunshine.  Studies have shown that getting enough vitamin D can help to ward off all sorts of things from heart disease to the flu.


So there you go, 3 great reasons for us all to think about taking up golf.  I’m still not sure it’s for me at the moment, but I can understand why so many people enjoy it, with the fresh air and exercise it provides giving them a good dose of feel-good serotonin and dopamine.

Have you ever played, or is it something that you think you’ll take up playing at some point?


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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