quick tips for planning a birthday party

3 quick tips for planning a birthday party

Putting together a memorable children’s birthday party means bringing together a few essential elements. To do this, you’ll need to put a little bit of planning work in.

This process provides an opportunity to flex those creative muscles, particularly if you elect to go for a themed party.

Get the kids involved with the planning and you needn’t spend too much money. What’s more, the threat of Covid-19 will provide you with just the excuse you need to keep things low-key and informal. 


Plan in advance

A month or so ahead of time, you’ll want to set a time and a budget, and decide upon your guest list. By now you should have a fair idea of the present you’re going to buy. Work out what homemade decorations you want to buy, or make, and whether you need to enlist help for any specific component of your party.

Come up with your guest-list and get the invitations sent out a month or so ahead of time. That way you can be reasonably sure that everyone will be able to attend.


Come up with an itinerary

Kids tend to get bored if they’re forced to do the same thing for longer than half an hour. Entertainment should last for around this long, and the rest of the afternoon should be broken up into fifteen-minute increments. Make sure that things are as flexible as they can be. If an activity isn’t going over well, then you can just move onto the next thing.

If the kids seem to be having fun, then just left it go along for a little bit longer. If you’re entertaining younger children, then you might have to be a little more flexible. Older children might have a more fixed idea of what they’d like to do – so make sure that you ask them. 


Food & drink

Just before the party is due to kick off, it’s time to get all of your biodegradable items in. That means food and drink. If you’re baking a cake yourself, then make sure you give yourself plenty of time to bake everything. When it comes to catering, it’s worth thinking about convenience and stress, especially if you’re not in the habit of providing for large groups of people. The more food you can prepare ahead of time, the better.

Don’t forget to provide all of your guests with a bag of favours, including a slice of cake to take away. If you’re putting together a party for adults, then pick out some inexpensive gifts for everyone.


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