simple framed rainbow coloured flower pictures

2 quick and easy rainbow coloured flower crafts #BostikBloggers

The seasons seem to be a bit confused so far this year, but there are signs that Spring will be here soon and I really can’t wait to see the world come into bloom again.

While we wait for the flowers to start appearing outside I’ve made a couple of rainbow-coloured flower crafts to brighten things up inside.

2 quick easy rainbow coloured flower crafts


Simple rainbow flower picture


What you’ll need:

  • Plain white card
  • A picture frame
  • Flowers made from coloured cardboard, one of each colour of the rainbow
  • A green pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots (or glue)

rainbow flower craft what you need


First of all you need to cut the piece of card to the right size to fit your frame.

Then get your flowers ready.

I used pre-cut flower shapes, but you could make your own using coloured card and a flower shaped punch.  You could even cut some out yourself just using scissors, although it might be a bit fiddly doing it this way.

simple fun flower picture craft rainbow colours


Arrange the flowers in a line across the piece of cardboard, in the same order as the colours of the rainbow.

You could put them in a nice level line if you like order, or you can off-set them a bit like I have.  Once you’re happy with how they’re arranged, stick the flowers down with glue dots or glue.

Then draw in the flower stems with the green pen.

simple fun rainbow coloured flower picture craft


Then all that’s left to do it put the picture in the frame and find somewhere in the house to display it!

simple framed flower picture rainbow colours

simple fun framed flower picture rainbow colours



Easy 3D rainbow flower picture


What you’ll need:

  • White card
  • Cardboard flowers in the different colours of the rainbow
  • Photo frame
  • Glue dots or glue

simple fun framed 3d rainbow coloured flower picture what you need


If you’re using a normal picture frame then take the glass out and put it somewhere safe, or throw it out (responsibly).  If you’d rather you can just get a box frame for the project.

Next, cut your piece of white card to the right size to fit in the frame.

Then gather together your flower shaped pieces of card in rainbow colours.  Like I did with the first picture, for this project I used pre-cut flower shapes, but you can make your own from coloured paper if you prefer.

Once you have all your flowers, start bending the petals in towards the middle to give a 3D look to them.

simple fun 3d flower picture


Once you’ve prepared all the flowers start arranging them on your piece of card.

I stuck with the rainbow theme by placing them across the card in order of the colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  When you’re happy with the placement of the flowers, start sticking them down using glue dots or glue.

bright easy 3d flower picture


Pop the finished picture in your glass-free frame, and you’re done!

simple fun framed 3d rainbow coloured flower picture

simple fun framed 3d flower picture rainbow colours

So there you have it, 2 lovely, bright and colourful flower pictures than you can make to bring a bit of Spring into your home!

If you’re in the mood for even more flower themed crafting, then take a look at this flower photo frame that Nerys and I made last year.  It’s just as easy to do as these pictures, and the result is perfect for a child’s bedroom.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post for my role as a Bostik Blogger, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.

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