Week in review – Sunday 22nd March 2015

It’s been a funny few weeks here that have thrown me off the schedule I try to set myself for posting on this blog.  So much so that I didn’t get round to posting my week in review last Sunday, but instead I was treated to a glorious lie-in followed by breakfast in bed.

This week:

  • I caved and went to the doctors after being in pain every time I swallowed for a week.  2 days of antibiotics later and I’m starting to feel better.


  • I ventured back into the world of twitter.  After debating whether or not I should start a new account for this blog, I’ve decided just to use my personal account to represent me, this glorious life and my photography business.  You can follow me here if you want to!


  • We made huge progress with reducing how much Nerys is nursing in the night.  A little over a week ago she was feeding at least every 3 hours.  Some nights she was waking every hour and a half to feed.  I’ve managed to get that down to just one feed a night and have actually had 2 nights this week when she’s not fed till 5/6am.  Shame she’s still waking throughout the night, but this was always going to be a slow process!  I’m just happy we’re making progress!


  • Nerys witnessed her first solar eclipse and was not in the slightest bit interested in it!


  • Spring started to feel like it was on its way.


  • I’ve been reminded how lucky I am to have my in-laws so nearby.  I was very grateful for their help with Rhys and Nerys when I felt really rough in the week (and for the lovely bunch of flowers they gave me to help me feel better!)


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