siblings march 2020

The siblings project – March 2020

This past month feels like it was a real mixed bag.

There were quiet weekends at home thanks to wet and stormy weather, and there were busy times with Rhys going away on his school trip.

In the middle of all of this was world book day.

This year Nerys insisted she wanted to go as Anna from Frozen.  I normally try and get my children to dress up as people who were originally characters in books, rather than films, but it didn’t seem worth the battle this year!  So Nerys wore her costume that she got for her birthday, which at least was nice and easy to put together!

Rhys was also nice and easy to sort, thanks to his decision to go as Charlie from Charlie and the chocolate factory.  I found this golden ticket online and printed it out, then all he needed was his normal clothes to go with it.

I have a whole post on world book day costumes that are basically just normal clothes, in case you want to tuck some ideas away for next year!


We did also have a few weekends when the storms broke enough to get out in the fresh air.

Along the seafront at Swansea bay there are a few statues that Nerys in particular likes to stop and look at, and she asked if they could have their photo taken with this lovely tribute to Swansea Jack.  They do make me laugh with how they always want to take photos standing in front of things like this, I can only imagine what they’d be like on a touristy tour around the sights of London!


Before Rhys went away on his residential trip we had a lovely bonus day all together thanks to a school inset day.

We had a quick trip out to the park in the afternoon and the children scooted around the lake for the first time in months.  It was one of those days where the sun was shining and it felt like spring was just around the corner.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to get out more with the seasons starting to change.  I noticed the other day that the trees here are just about to burst into life, with blossom just waiting to appear, and I am really looking forward to seeing all that colour again.

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