How nature can boost our health and wellbeing

The easiest way to boost your health and wellbeing

We’d all like a quick-fix way to boost our health and wellbeing, wouldn’t we.

It’s why we buy multivitamins and sign up for the last fitness craze that promises us the results we’ve always wanted in record time.

When it comes to our physical health, mental health and overall sense of wellbeing though, there is something really easy that we can do to get huge benefits.


Spend time in nature.

It’s that simple.

Spending time in nature has been found over and over again to have huge benefits to all aspects of our health.


It really all comes down to the fact that being in nature relaxes our minds.

And studies have found that when our minds are relaxed then our immune systems get a boost.  So spending time outside in nature can help us calm anxious thoughts and feel less stressed.

This in turn boosts our immune systems which has positive effects on all sorts of things from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to high blood pressure.

It makes sense really, when we’re in nature, looking at trees and flowers and all the other beautiful natural features of the world then we do feel more relaxed.  Our busy minds start to quiet down. And when this happens our body uses its resources to boost our immune systems, instead of trying to deal with our usual anxieties and stresses.


We can get even more benefits by exercising outdoors in nature.

A yoga class on the beach, a gentle walk through the park, a fast-paced hike in the hills.  Whatever type of exercise you do you’ll see more benefits to your health and wellbeing if you do it out in nature.

The beauty of it is that you can get the benefits no matter your age or fitness levels.

Cycling for example is something that the whole family can do.

Little ones can hitch a ride on the back of your bike, or get all cosy in a trailer behind you.  Older children can ride their own bikes with stabilisers until they’re ready to move on to a bike without them.

And for grown ups who don’t feel steady on a standard bike you can get amazing tricycles, like these from Jorvik Tricycles so you can keep up with the rest of the family.


Exercise is renowned for doing wonders for our wellbeing.

As well as boosting our physical health, making us fitter and stronger, it also reduces stress, makes us feel happier, and boosts creativity and productivity.

So combining that with the wonderful power of nature is a really simple way to boost our health and wellbeing.

The key to making this work for you though is to find something you enjoy doing out in nature, so you make the effort to do it on a regular basis.

Have a look around where you live to find the green spaces you can access easily.  See if there are walking trails near you that you could try out.  Find a yoga group that does classes out in nature and go check them out.

Take some time to find a way to connect with nature that makes you feel relaxed and calm and you’ll start to reap the benefits before you know it.


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