quick cleaning jobs to tackle this weekend

8 quick cleaning jobs to tackle this weekend

I don’t know about you but I like to try and start each week feeling like I’m at least a bit in control and on top of things.

Which means on a Sunday I like to get lunches made for the next day, and try and get the house a bit cleaner and tidier.

There’s not always the time, or the inclination, to do loads of housework though.  On those weekends it’s still worth doing one or two quick cleaning jobs that will have an impact on how clean and tidy the house feels on Monday.

Here are 8 ideas for jobs like this that you can tackle this weekend to start next week with a cleaner home.


1. Dust your living room

Chances are your living room is one of the rooms you spend most time in, so giving it a quick once over with a duster will impact how clean your house feels overall.  If you have time, and the inclination, whizz round the other rooms with the duster too.


2.  Clear off your coffee table

Stack up any magazines or books neatly, take cups and dishes out to the kitchen and give the table top a wipe down.


3.  Tackle the mail

Grab all the mail, both opened and unopened, that’s been piling up all week and tackle it.  File the things you need to keep, put things to be actioned in your diary for next week and recycle everything else.


4. Shine up the mirrors

Grab a cloth and some cleaning spray (or white vinegar) and polish up all the mirrors in the house.


5. Declutter one little space

Don’t get carried away and empty out your entire wardrobe, but instead think about sorting through your underwear drawer, or going through your herbs, spices and sauces and throwing away anything past its use by date.


6. Clear the stairs

You know those little piles of stuff that accumulate on the stairs, waiting for someone to take them up?  Deal with them this weekend!


7. Clean the screens

Give your TV, computer, tablets and mobile phones a good wipe down.  And do the remote control while you’re at it.


8. Go sofa diving

Sorry this one isn’t as fun as it sounds!

Take off all the sofa cushions and dive down the edges to dig out any little toys and bits and pieces that have fallen down there.  If you can, try and get the hoover hose down there to really give it a good clean.  Then hoover the rest of the sofa, under the cushions, to get rid of any crumbs before reassembling.


Which of these jobs will be you tackling this weekend? 

Which one do you think will have the biggest impact on how clean and tidy your home feels?

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