The photo I’m thankful for – with Katie from 52 beautiful things

Welcome to the latest instalment of my new guest post series – the photo I’m thankful for.

This series is all about the photos that we are really happy that we have, either of ourselves or of the people who mean the world to us.  It’s an extension of my instagram community #ShowYouWereThere which is there to encourage parents to be in more photos both with and for their children.

This week I’m really pleased to welcome Katie from 52 beautiful things.

Here is her photo and her story:

Two by two, they slowly proceeded down the aisle. Right, together, left, together. Repeat. All the way down the aisle. All of the sudden we were the last pair remaining. The music changed and we started moving forward.

The church lady stuck out her arm, much like a mother protecting her children in the car as it slams on the brakes. “Wait,” she said, “be sure you take this all in.”

I bristled. I didn’t want to wait. I was eager to stroll down that aisle towards my soon-to-be husband.

Dad poked me in the side, and said, “You don’t have to wait. Are you ready?”

“Let’s go!” I replied, and we began to walk down the aisle. He was ready to give me away.


I love this picture for so many reasons.

I treasure the memories of love, warmth, and security when I look at my dad’s face smiling at me.

I’m thankful for the reminder of what it feels like to experience bliss. My wedding day was perfect, supportive, fun, full of life. As we walked, my arm linked to his, we strengthened our unique connection between father and daughter. We reached the end of the aisle. When it was time, he kissed my cheek and he let go.

Eighteen months ago I had to abruptly begin the process of letting go of Dad when he died unexpectedly. One day there, the next day gone, loss struck me swiftly, knocking me to my feet. This picture reminds me that he taught me how to stand, how to feel supported, and how to walk bravely into new chapters of life. While we are recovering from his loss and regaining our strength, I look at this photo and bask in the memory of his adoration.  I like to believe he is still smiling over me with the same gaze of wonder, sending love and connection through the universe.

I keep a copy of this photo in my car, next to the speedometer to remind me ever so gently, that it is vital to love and ok to let go. With each change and new chapter I remember Dad poking me in the side saying, “Let’s go!”


Thank you so much to Katie, for sharing your beautiful photo with me, and the touching story behind it.

This is a huge part of why I feel so strongly about getting in more photos, and taking more photos of the people we love.

When they are all we have left they become so precious.  I just love how Katie is able to use this photo to find strength and to be reminded of everything her dad taught her.


You can follow Katie’s story over on her blog – 52 Beautiful things

And you can follow her on these social media pages:

Instagram – @52beautifulthings

Twitter – @52beautiful


Thank you also to Jamie Fischer photography for the beautiful photo.

Do you have a photo and a story you would like to share?

If you’d like to take part in my ‘the photo I’m thankful for’ guest series, or would just like a bit more information about it, please do send me an email to


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