One hundred toys – Grimm’s wooden toys review

I am really loving watching Nerys play lately.  She is getting more and more creative and seems to really enjoy imaginative play.  She loves role-playing games like mummies and daddies and will spend ages playing shops with any willing play mates.  She also really loves playing with her dollhouse and using building blocks to create other buildings and things like slides for her little dolls to play on.

So when Alexis from 100 toys asked if I would like to review some items from their amazing online shop, I knew almost straight away what range I would pick from.

The gorgeous wooden toys from Grimm’s caught my eye right from the start.

So I was thrilled when we were sent the Grimm’s coloured house and the Grimm’s purple framehouse to take a look at.

Grimm’s coloured house


The first toy that we opened up was this beautifully brightly coloured house.

The pieces are all handmade from lime wood, and instead of being painted and varnished they’re dipped into a non-toxic colour stain and left with a natural finish.

I really love the look that this gives the toy, and it makes playing with it an amazing tactile experience too.

The real beauty of this matte finish though is that it means the pieces don’t slip off each other, so you can get really creative with your constructions!

grimms-rainbow-house-one-hundred-toys-reviewI love how this toy opens up so many play possibilities, for children of all ages.

For little ones it is a great toy for stacking and learning about balance.  Then for bigger children, all it takes is a little bit of imagination and it can become a house with a garage, a tunnel for cars to drive through, or a series of caves for dolls to explore.

And just look at it, it’s so pretty!

This is one toy that will most definitely not be kept tucked away in the toybox, I’m happy for this to sit proudly on our mantelpiece brightening up our lounge!


Grimm’s purple framehouse


The second toy we were sent to review was the equally gorgeous purple framehouse.

Each framehouse is made up of  24 pieces of different shapes and sizes that mean your child’s creations are only really limited by their imaginations.  They can build a tall tower block or a whole little village of houses.  As with the coloured house, every piece in this set is made of lime wood and hand-dipped in non-toxic colour stain to give beautiful colours with a natural finish.


The framehouse comes in purple, green, blue and red so there is bound to be a set that appeals to every child.  I chose purple for Nerys as it’s one of her favourite colours and I loved the mix of tones in this colourway.

One thing I really love about the Grimm’s toys is how well they integrate with each other.

You can really get creative when you mix up the coloured house and the framehouse, building all manner of towers and houses and tunnels and caves.

As part of the Grimm’s range you can also get simple wooden cars, trees and people which would add even more fun.  I can see us expanding our collection quite soon to include some of these things to build a colourful little world for Nerys (and Rhys!) to play with.


I’ve left the coloured house and the framehouse out on a table in our living room and Nerys has been coming back to play with them over and over again in the last few days.

It’s been wonderful to watch her instinctively know how to play with the blocks, as they’re so open ended there isn’t really a ‘wrong’ way to play with them!  The chunky pieces are just right for her hands and they’re reassuring to me as they feel like they’ll stand up to a bit of falling down.

Wooden toys in general have a timeless feel to them, and these toys from Grimm’s are no exception.

They feel classic, but cool at the same time, and I love the thought that my children will be able to get so much use of them and then potentially pass them on to their own children one day.

If I don’t decide to keep them for myself as little wooden ornaments that is!

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Disclosure:  I was sent the coloured house and framehouse from 100 toys for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.


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