Me and mine October 2019b

Me and Mine – October 2019

We’re ending this month with a lovely bonus bit of family time.

Steve managed to book the week of half-term off from work, so we’ve been together all of this week.

We started things off with a gorgeously relaxed walk along the beach at Swansea bay on Sunday, before the children’s swimming lessons on Sunday.

We walked along the beach to the steps by county hall, and stopped there for a family photo.


This little stretch of beach will always make me smile because this is where we came for champagne and a few photos on our wedding day.

We had a tiny wedding in county hall, and then popped over to the beach as the sun was setting and the tide was coming in.  It was beautiful and relaxed and low key and absolutely perfect.

And now whenever we come back to these steps it reminds me of that afternoon.


Relaxed and low key seems to be how we go about life in general I think.

This half term has been just that.  So far we’ve done the weekly supermarket shop, caught up with friends at the park and visited the Glynn Vivian art gallery.  The boys have had haircuts.  We’ve pottered about at home.

We’re planning a trip to the LC2 for a swim and a visit to Plantasia which I’m quite excited about for the end of the week but that’s as big a day out as we’ll get this holiday.

It’s what we’ve all needed though.

After a long term back at school we were all in need of a change in pace.  To slow down and rest a bit.  All to then gear up for the fun and madness of the Christmas term.

Nerys has already started learning some songs for their Christmas concert and I really can’t wait to sit in that school hall again and watch both my children up on stage.

There’s just something about the Christmas concerts that get me all emotional, even when it’s not my children doing anything!

When do your children normally start learning songs and lines for their Christmas concerts at school?

Do you get emotional when you watch them too?!

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