Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Airprotect car seat review

Before Rhys started school I really didn’t drive that much.

If we needed to go out to the local shops we would walk there, and I would have the big weekly shop delivered, rather than battle with taking him with me (he was a very lively toddler!).

But now he’s in school, and Nerys is in nursery a few mornings a week, I drive a lot more.

And I’m really conscious of wanting them both to be safe and comfortable in their car seats.

Rhys now has a Maxi Cosi RodiFix Airprotect seat that we all really love.


The RodiFix Air Protect seat is a group 2/3 seat, suitable for children aged 3.5 – 12 years, and 15 – 36 kilos.

Our seat is the River Blue option which we love, but there are several other lovely colours you can chose from.

I personally love the colour of the River Blue seat though, especially with the little bit of striped detail on the top section!


One of the things that initially attracted us to the seat is the fact that it uses isofix.  

Installing the seat in the car using the isofix connectors was really quick and easy and the seat felt lovely and secure once it was in.

Unfortunately we had to change our car over the summer and our new one doesn’t have isofix.  However the RodiFix still feels nice and safe in the new car, secured in place by the seatbelt.


Speaking of the seatbelt, the RodiFix has a fab belt guide which holds the seatbelt in the right position, making it really quick and easy to do it up.

I’ve found that with the seatbelt in place through the guide Rhys is much more able to help me with doing up his seatbelt which does make life a bit easier.


I love the fact that, because the head and shoulder support is fully adjustable, the seat will grow with Rhys.

Although I do find it funny to think that he’s comfortable in it now, aged 5, and yet he will still be able to use it when he’s about 12!

Knowing that the seat will last him for so long is really great though, and makes it feel like a really worthwhile investment.


Rhys seems really comfortable in his car seat, and it has 2 recline positions so if he ever falls asleep on longer journeys we can make him even more comfy.

Most importantly of all though, I love how safe the RodiFix is.

The headrest offers side-impact protection which helps to reduce the risk of head injury if we were ever in an accident.  And the seat also provides excellent side impact protection for the lower back and hips.

Of course, I hope we’re never involved in an accident but it’s really reassuring to know that Rhys will have some additional protection in his seat if anything does ever happen.


We’ve been using the RodiFix Air Protect for several months now and are really happy with it.

I love that we’ve been able to use it in both our old car and our new car, as there is isofix available but the seat can still be used without it.

One thing we really noticed when we were moving the seat from one car to the next is how light it is!

It’s weighs just over 6kg which makes it a really good choice if you have to move it between cars a lot.  It’s also quite compact, which is really useful in our new car.  The seat belt plug is almost flush with the seat which can make doing up the belt quite fiddly and tricky.  But with this seat there’s actually a nice amount of room at the side of the seat to be able to get the seat belt in easily.

In our time with the RodiFix we’ve not come across any negatives at all, and I’m confident that Rhys is nice and comfy in it, which really makes a difference when we need to go on longer car journeys to visit family and friends.

You can read all the detailed specifications for the seat on the Maxi Cosi website.

I received this car seat for the purposes of writing this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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