Living arrows 32/52 and 33/52

This is getting to be a bad habit, but I’m playing catch-up again with my Living arrows photos!

We’ve been without a car for several weeks now (that’s a story for another day) and it has made it a bit difficult to get out and about much with the children.

So most of my photos from the summer holidays so far have been of us inside, playing with toys, baking and of course my usual post-bath ones!

living arrows 2

We did venture out on the bus into town last week, which Rhys and Nerys both loved.  Who knew the bus could be so exciting?!

I had a few bits and pieces I needed to buy, and then we popped into the pound shop where I very generously let the children choose 2 things to buy!  They thought it was great, and had so much fun looking round and deciding what they wanted.  I had to keep reminding them that we weren’t in a hurry and that they could take their time looking around, rather than rushing and grabbing the first thing they saw.

In the end Rhys found a set of toy soldiers that he wanted, and he couldn’t wait to get them home so he could set them all up on the table.


Living arrows

He’s had a lot of value out of these little soldiers already.  Sorting them all out so the same kind are grouped together, and setting them all up on his big toy castle, ready for battle with the angry birds!

I love watching his imagination at work with toys like this!


Living Arrows
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