Liked and loved – February 2017

At the end of January I sat down and wrote my list of things I’d liked and loved that month, to join in with A Cornish Mum’s linky.  And I really enjoyed doing it.  There is something special about sitting down and reflecting on the good things in our lives.

So here are the things I’ve liked and loved in February.

Rewatching Angel.

I’ve always been a big Buffy fan.  And when Angel first aired I started watching that too. And I really enjoyed it.  Until, just a few episodes in, they killed off one of the main characters.

And in protest I refused to watch any more of it; until years later when a friend and I bought the boxset together.

We would get together pretty much every weekend with a bottle of wine and work our way through a few episodes.  And I absolutely loved it.

That was several years ago though.  And recently I had the urge to watch it again.  And it’s just as good as I remember!


Watching Nerys play.

I find it fascinating seeing the differences between my two children.  I would say that they’re both quite creative, but in different ways.  I’ll often find Nerys playing with her soft toys, or with little play figures.  She’ll be moving them around, and making them have full blown conversations.  It’s brilliant.  She’s taken to climbing in her bed at times with her Doc McStuffins toys and her doctor’s kit, and giving the toys check ups.

It’s something that Rhys didn’t do that much.  And I find it really interesting that she’s naturally drawn to that kind of play when he wasn’t.

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I’ve always loved baking with my children.  And we’ve branched out this month and made flapjacks together.  It’s been lovely, especially because Rhys has wanted to join in too.  He’s even asked if he can bake a cake with me, in secret, for Nerys’ birthday.

We were sent some gorgeous personalised aprons from Arty apple recently and have really loved putting them to good use with our baking sessions.

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New mascara.

I don’t tend to wear that much make up.  So sometimes I find the things I do have are getting a little past their best, because they just don’t get used up.  I’ve been so tired recently though, with feeling poorly for so long, and I’ve been aware that I look tired.

I really wanted to do what I could to feel a bit more put together and look a little brighter and more awake.

So I treated myself to some new mascara.  And I really love it.  It opens up my eyes nicely but still leaves my eyelashes soft and doesn’t flake off like my old stuff used to!



Seeing how Nerys is growing up.  

Nerys turns 3 right at the end of this month.  And she does seem to be suddenly growing up.  She’s had a bit of a growth spurt recently, and the other day I realised that her hair is actually now long enough to plait.

I know we all say it, but it’s just so bittersweet.  I so love watching her grow and change, but at the same time I feel sad about how old she’s getting.  That’s being a parent for you though, I suppose!

liked and loved


Seeing Rhys read.

His reading has come on so much recently, and it still catches me by surprise sometimes.  We’ll be out and about and he’ll start reading a poster or a sign, and it’s just amazing to me!  I’m really loving seeing how he’s progressed with it.  I have such clear memories of the days of “C-A-T …. Plane!” that to see him now reading so well it’s just, well, amazing!

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So that’s it, some of the things that have brightened up February for me.

What have you liked and loved this month?

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