Things I've said to my toddler

Random things I’ve said to my toddler

Do you ever find yourself saying the most random things to your children?

I know I can’t be the only one who says things that, when you repeat them, sound completely odd!  I’ve started making a note of the more random things I’ve heard myself saying to my 15 month old daughter, here are 5 examples from the last few weeks:

Random things I've said to my toddler


“You can’t walk backwards up the stairs” 

Nerys has been climbing the stairs for ages now, and safely coming down them on her tummy for a few weeks, but she’s now started trying to walk down them.  And the other day I watched her try to walk up them backwards.  She’s an accident waiting to happen that one.


“What are you doing?  Why are you licking my DVD?”

There seems to be a lot of ‘why are you doing that?’ where kids are involved.  Generally the answer is simply ‘because they can’!


“Why are you standing in a colander?”

Well, why wouldn’t you stand in a colander, what else are they for?!


“I don’t want you driving a car on my head” 

Mean mummy, not wanting to be driven on.


“I don’t want your snot up my nose”

Ah one of the more charming moments of parenting; lying on the bed with Nerys and having her stick her finger in her snotty nose then try and put said finger up MY nose.  Hmmm, a kind offer, but no thank you honey!

What’s the most random thing you’ve heard yourself say to your children?

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Lorelai caffeine quote

Three times Lorelai Gilmore perfectly summed up every parent’s feelings about coffee

I have drunk a LOT of coffee in the last 15 months.  I have relied on big, sugary cups of the stuff to get me through days when all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep, after a night of numerous wake-ups.  Even now that Nerys is (touch wood) sleeping better, I still need a hit first thing in the morning to help me feel more human.

With all this love for coffee, I find myself drawn to quotes about the stuff.  Especially quotes from Lorelai Gilmore, seeing as watching the Gilmore Girls has also been a lovely bit of comfort on sleep-deprived days!

So, here I give you my favourite Lorelai quotes.  I think they pretty much perfectly sum up how every parent has felt about coffee at one time or another!

3 times lorelai gilmore summed up parent's feelings about coffee


“I need caffeine.  Whatever form you’ve got.  I haven’t had any all day.  I’ll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it’s in.  Gimme”

I need caffeine



“Nothing says coffee like six in the morning”

nothing says coffee like six in the morning



“Oh I can’t stop drinking the coffee.  I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting into sentence doing”

oh I can't stop drinking the coffee


Do you need a coffee jolt to get you going in the morning?  Or are you more of a tea person?  
Please don’t tell me you manage to get through the day without any caffeine at all!
Simple chocolate biscuit recipe

Simple chocolate biscuits

I’ve always known that I’m just like my Mum.  We’re so similar in so many ways; it can get a bit freaky at times!  But every now and then I realise that little bits of my Dad have snuck through too.  Like my slight addiction to chocolate, and needing to know that there’s a stash of it somewhere in the house!

These little biscuits are perfect to make if you need a bit of a chocolate fix but don’t have any actual chocolate bars in the house!  They’re also a great recipe to do with young children as it’s just a case of measuring ingredients, plonking them all in a bowl, mixing, dividing and cooking!

Simple chocolate biscuit recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 8oz (225b) margarine
  • 4oz (100g) caster sugar
  • 8oz (225g) self raising flour
  • 2oz cocoa powder
  • Handful of chocolate chips

And here’s what you do:

  • Mix all the ingredients together (you might need to get your hands in to get it to all come together properly!)
  • Divide into walnut size pieces and flatten on a greased baking sheet.  I like to flatten them with a fork to get the pretty lines on them.  Rhys prefers to squish them down with his hands.  Either method works fine!
  • Cook in preheated oven at 190 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with icing sugar when cool.

Easy chocolate biscuit recipe

These seem to be a little bit better after they’ve properly cooled down – they’re quite soft and a bit cakey and if you eat them straight away when they’re still warm you’ll need a nice glass of water or milk to help wash them down!

Either way though, they’re a fab little chocolate hit if you’re ever in the need of a quick fix!

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Things my son has said

Things my son has said (that took us ages to decipher)

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I give you 4 random things my son has said that took us ages to decipher.  These are words and phrases that he said repeatedly but that we just couldn’t for the life of us work out what he was actually trying to say, until we eventually had a light-bulb moment for each one.

Parents, you must have experienced the same thing with your kids?

Before I get into it, have a quick guess, would you know what ‘boor-head’ meant?  Would you know what he was trying to say when he kept calling Mater ‘Bissar car’?  Answers revealed below!

Things my son has said that took ages to decipher

I think this was the first one that really got us.  When Rhys was first starting to talk he would sit with his teddies and say what sounded like ‘boor-head’.  It took me months to work out he was trying to say ‘bumped his head’ and was playing ‘5 little monkeys’ with his teddies!


Pirate wikitar game

This is the latest.  Steve worked this one out just a few days ago, after weeks and weeks of Rhys talking about the ‘pirate wikitar game’.  They were browsing Amazon together, looking at all the angry birds toys (Rhys is ever so slightly into angry birds at the moment!) and they landed on a particular game.  The pirate pig attack game.  Ding ding ding, we have a winner!


Bissar car

For the longest time Rhys called Mater from the film Cars ‘Bissar car’.  I couldn’t for the life of me work out why.One day I was really trying to work it out and got as far as thinking that Cars was a Disney film, so maybe he was trying to say ‘disney car’, but that just didn’t quite work.  It was a while later that it dawned on me that Cars is actually a Disney PIXAR film!  Bissar car = Pixar car.


The ‘never again’ song
Oh man, this one drove us mad for months!

Rhys would sing a line from a song, the only words of which we could make out were ‘never again’.  We knew it was from a video he’d seen on youtube but could never find it.  Probably because we were always searching for the words ‘never again’.We finally got lucky when Steve caught the tune playing when Rhys was watching videos one day.  Dashing over, he managed to grab the phone before the video finished and finally, finally, we could work out what he’d been singing “Accidents will happen, NOW AND AGAIN”

I still sing random lyrics to the tune though, normally “hasta manana, never again”.  Drives Steve crazy!

Simply carrot and lentil soup slow cooker

Slow cooker carrot and lentil soup

We have a bit of a routine in our house.  On a Sunday I’ll cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker (which you have to try if you’ve never done it before).
Then on Sunday evening my husband will strip the chicken, pop the bones back in the slow cooker and make delicious stock, which I’ll use on a Monday to make this slow cooker carrot and lentil soup.
Slow cooker carrot and lentil soup (2)
Slow cooker carrot and lentil soup

One of my favourite things about this recipe is that it’s so flexible.  You don’t have to worry too much about measurements, it’s a rough and ready kind of soup!  So if you fancy a more carroty soup then chuck a few extra in.  If you like a thick soup then go crazy with the lentils.

But to get you started, here’s my basic recipe:

  • 1 litre stock (chicken or vegetable is fine, and I’ve made it several times using stock cubes instead of ‘proper’ stock and it still tastes great)
  • 2 large or 4 small/medium carrots
  • 100g of lentils
  • A few shakes of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of curry powder

carrot and lentil soup slow cooker

Chop the carrots up into pieces about the size of a pound coin and chuck them in the slow cooker.  Add the stock, lentils and spices.  If you fancy you can put some chopped onion in too.

Cook on low for about 8 hours.

Blend, taste and add more seasoning if you feel like it, and serve!

Slow cooker carrot and lentil soup

This recipe tends to make just about enough for dinner for me and Steve and leftovers for him to take to work for lunch the next day.

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Slow cooker jacket potato recipe

Things I want my children to say yes to

Things I want my children to say ‘yes’ to

I wrote a post the other day inspired by Dave Cornthwaite’s message to ‘say yes more’.

It’s something I’m really thinking about a lot at the moment.

I’m quite a cautious person, and my natural immediate response to things outside of my comfort zone is to say ‘no’.  Which makes me quite sad.  As I get older I’m getting much more aware of the power of pushing out of that comfort zone and saying ‘yes’ to things.

And I really want my children to grow up with an awareness of how exciting and wonderful like can be if you say yes more.

5 things I want my children to say yes to (1)


These are the big things I want my children to say yes to:

New experiences

I don’t want my children to be afraid of trying new things and visiting new places.  I want them to say yes to new experiences, to be open to the idea that, yes, there’s a possibility they might not like it but there’s an equal possibility that they’ll absolutely love it!


New friends

I’m all for my children having a close little group of friends, I think it’s incredibly important for them to have people outside of the family that they can talk to and confide in.  But I don’t want them to limit their social interactions to their existing friends.

You never know what impact a person can have on your life; I want my children to be open to letting new people in.



This is a tricky one I know, but I really hope for my children that they can embrace the possibility of failure.

I want them to know that they don’t have to win everything, that it’s really ok if they fail at something.  A lot of the times that you learn the most about life and yourself is when you fail at something.


Being true to themselves

I know that it’s really hard when you’re a kid (and then a teenager) and you so badly just want to fit in, but I really want my children to say yes to being true to who they are.

I want them to own their quirks and embrace what makes them them.



When it comes their way I want my children to say a huge ‘yes’ to love.

I want them to love with their whole hearts, openly and completely.  Yes they risk getting hurt that way, but it’s the only way to really love isn’t it?  Have a read of this quote that I wrote about recently – it sums up what I want to tell my children about love.


What things would you wish for your children to say a big ‘yes’ to?


Slow cooker jacket potato recipe

I feel a bit cheeky calling this a recipe really, because it’s just so simple.  But, it does seem to be one of those things that people just don’t know about/haven’t thought about doing!

I love using my slow cooker, even now that I’m at home with the children during the day I still prefer to have something cooking away in it and being able to relax a bit knowing that I’m not going to be rushing around in the evening trying to make something.

Now, I know that jacket potatoes aren’t particularly tricky or stressful to cook in the oven or the microwave, but I do still find those methods a bit of a faff!  I don’t think I’ve never actually done them in the oven and I always get annoyed when I microwave them because you get the nasty spot on the bottom that’s just hard and horrible.

So for me, being able to do them in the slow cooker is perfect.  I pop them in the in the morning, prepare toppings in the afternoon, then they’re all ready to serve at dinner time!


So, how do you go about cooking jacket potatoes in the slow cooker?  Easy peasy!

  • Get some foil or baking parchment and scrunch a few pieces into balls and put them in the slow cooker.  You want enough to cover the base.


  • Rub a bit of oil, salt and pepper into the potato skins.


  • Wrap them in foil.


  • Put them in the slow cooker, on top of the scrunched up foil/baking parchment.


  • Cook on low for about 8 hours.


  • Remove and top with whatever you fancy – we normally go for tuna mayo, beans and cheese!


  • Enjoy!

That’s really all there is to it.  A few things to note though:

  • As is the way with slow cooking, the skins won’t be at all crispy, so if that’s important to you then you might want to either stick to oven cooking them, or cook them this way then pop them in a hot oven for 5 minutes to crisp them up.


  • You really don’t need to add any water to the slow cooker.


  • I’ve never pricked the potatoes and they come out great every time.

How do you like your potatoes?!

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