Appy kids company – fruit juice drinks review

I’ve been quite lucky really, in that both my children have always been good at getting enough to drink.  They’re even both pretty good at drinking plain water, which is really great.

They do enjoy fruit drinks as well though. 

Especially when they come in fun cartons or pouches it seems!

They were so excited when a parcel arrived from Appy Kids company recently, and they opened it up to see various pouches of fruit juice drinks with some of their favourite characters on.


We were given a few different flavours to try – mixed berries, apple and orange.

The mixed berried juice drink comes in a box of five pouches, all of which are bright pink with pictures of Dora the Explorer on it.

The apple and orange juice drinks also come in packs of five, but these have pictures of the characters from Paw Patrol on them.  Both my children like both Dora and Paw Patrol so were really excited to see the characters on the drinks.


I was most excited by the fact that the drinks have all been created to be a healthier option for children.

The Appy kids company mission is to be the number 1 healthier choice for families, and they have spent a lot of time making sure their drinks not only taste great, but are lower in sugar too.  The drinks we’ve been trying are all sweetened with Stevia which is a plant-based sweetener, that is about 200 times sweeter than sugar so you don’t need to use much at all to get that sweeter taste.

The drinks are also all fortified with vitamins A, C and E which is a real bonus to me.  Anything that gets a little extra goodness into my children is good in my book!


Nerys in particular has been absolutely loving trying out the different drinks we were sent.

I may be slightly regretting my decision to put them into a cupboard that she can get into easily!  Although to be fair she does always ask before going and grabbing one, and she can’t actually open them by herself anyway because it is a little bit tricky to pierce the pouches with the straw.

I just love the fact that she feels like she’s getting a real treat when I let her have one, while I know that they’re actually a pretty healthy option for her and not jam-packed with sugar.


The pouches are a great size and feel nice and sturdy so I think they would hold up well if they were put in a lunchbox for school.

With them being so sturdy they stand up well instead of toppling over when the children put them down, and they’ve been able to hold them quite firmly without the juice being squeezed/squirted out of the straw.

All in all, we’ve been impressed with the drinks we’ve tried from Appy Kids company, I have a feeling it’s something we’ll be popping in our trolley in the future!

You can see the full range of products that Appy offer on their website –

You can also follow them on their social media channels:

Facebook – Appy Kids Co

Twitter – Appy Kids Co

 Disclaimer:  we were sent some Appy drinks to try for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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