8 years later

If you’ve read my blog before, you might know that I feel quite passionately about taking photos, and about making sure that I am in some of the photos that I take.

I’ve written posts about the photos we wish we’d taken and how sometimes, even if you might feel a bit shy or awkward about it, you should just take the damn photo.

So when I was in Kent last weekend visiting my family, I took the chance to get my parents and my siblings out in the garden together for a photo of the 5 of us.  And I’m really pleased I dragged everyone out there because, as far as we could remember, the last photo we took of the 5 of us together was taken about 8 years ago, at my oldest niece’s christening!


I do still absolutely love this photo of all of us, everything about it makes me smile, and brings make lovely memories from that day.

But, I think we were long overdue an updated family photo.

So, I handed my camera over to that same niece who brought us together for the old photo, and she took this fabulous portrait for us.


8 years later, and our lives may have completely changed (that niece is now one of 7 Grandchildren for my parents!) but I don’t think we look all that different!

And look how colour coordinated we were, competely by chance – do you get the feeling that, as a family, we like the colour blue?!

I’m so pleased with how this photo turned out.  I think my niece did a brilliant job, and I love how happy we all look, especially considering the fact that this was taken in a hurry, 2 minutes before we had to head out so I could catch my coach back to Swansea!

This photo is top of my ‘photos-to-be-printed’ list now, because it represents so much.

It is happiness and joy and love.

This is exactly the family photo I want to be able to show to my children and my grandchildren in years to come.


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