Easy UFO craft activity #BostikBloggers

Every month we wait eagerly to see what will arrive at our door for us to craft with as part of my role as a Bostik Blogger.

This month, the theme was ‘Space’ and we were sent some bits and pieces to get creative with.  After having a think, I decided it would be fun to make a UFO.

We had some paper plates left over from our bird craft the other month, and we’ve read a couple of stories recently about aliens and so I thought this would be fun for both Rhys and Nerys.

Easy UFO craft activity

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • a polystyrene ball
  • a pipe cleaner
  • paint
  • thread
  • stickers or stick on jewels
  • glue


The first thing you need to do is cut the polystyrene ball in half and paint one of the halves green.

Then paint the paper plates with silver paint.  If you don’t have silver paint you can pretty much use whatever colour you like, it’s your UFO after all!  You could also cover the plate in tissue paper if you’d rather.


Next draw or paint some features onto the green ball, to make it look like a little alien’s face.  If you wanted you could stick googly eyes on instead of drawing them on.

Then cut 2 short bits of pipe cleaner and roll the ends up a little to make them look like antennae.  Then poke them into the top of the alien’s head!


Make a little hole in the middle of one of the plates.  Cut a length of thread and tie a little knot in one end.  Thread it through the hole you made in the plate, so that the knot will be on the inside when you glue the two plates together.

Glue the plates together to make the UFO, then glue the little alien head on top, just off centre.  With the head being off centre, you’ll need to counter balance the UFO so it hangs level.  I just used a couple of bits of blu tack for this, sticking them on the underside of the UFO.

Decorate the UFO with stickers or stick on jewels or little bits of coloured paper if that’s all you have.


Hang up your UFO!


What do you think?

Would you be happy to get a visit from this little green man?!


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