‘Show you were there’ round up (week twenty)

Sunday morning again!  And time for another #ShowYouWereThere round up.

In case you don’t know much about it, #ShowYouWereThere is my little instagram community aimed at getting more parents in more photos.  Any photo that features you, or that represents you in some way, please do share it on instagram using that hashtag.

Here are my 4 favourite photos from instagram this week.  

First up is this gorgeously happy photo from Hannah at The Simple Things.  I love how Hannah is making a real effort to get in front of the camera more.  I think we all have a tendency to see our ‘flaws’ when we look at photos of ourselves, but honestly no one else notices them.  Especially our children, they just see ‘us’ and they will treasure the photos we are in when they’re older.

If you look through our huge collection of family photographs, you wont find many of me, but… thats something i am trying to slowly change. I am so self critical, I count chins, poke fun at my wonky tooth and am generally quite mean! Photos tell a story and capture memories, and I want my children to see me being part of the fun, because the don't see faults, they just see someone they love ❤ This photo was taken last weekend, and today I've spent all day with just this little lady. Mr T says he can see more of me in Ava than in any of her siblings. She's has a brilliant sense of humour and is always trying to make us laugh. She's mischievous and enjoys doing anything she shouldn't 🙈🙊My friends say it's about time I had a mischevious toddler after 3 quite good ones; I joke that if she had arrived first she would probably have been an only child 😂 She completed our little family, and one thing is for sure, she will always be surrounded in love ❤ If you want to join in and attempt to be in the picture more too, there are two hashtags to use #showyouwerethere with @this.glorious.life & #beinthepicture with @kerrylousienorris

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Next up is this fab photo from Jo at Pickle and Poppet.  I’m not sure which of the two are having more fun in this photo!


My third pick for this week is this beautiful photo from Rachel at MummaHub.  There aren’t that many baby words left in my house, so I’m clinging to the ‘bicbic’ and ‘huggle’ while I can!


Last but not least is this lovely picture from Susie at This Is Me Now.  I love how Susie looks so relaxed in charge of that boat, then you read the caption that suggests that calmness didn’t last that long!


Thank you so much to everyone who is sharing their photos with me and #ShowYouWereThere.  It means so much to me and makes me so happy to see parents getting in more and more photos.


Now, my turn.

We’ve had quite a busy week in the run up to the end of term, and I’ve not taken that many photos with my ‘proper’ camera.  But when I came to write this post I remembered that I had taken a few selfies with Nerys one day when we were killing time outside school.

I have to remember to take more of these kinds of snapshots, rather than always worrying about taking technically good photos with perfect exposure and the like.  These kinds of photos, of quiet everyday moments, never fail to make me smile.

show you were there round up


If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos.  And if you’d like to take part in my guest post series ‘The photo I’m thankful for‘ then take a look at this post or email me at thisgloriouslife@gmail.com for more information.


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