A special seat at the table – Welcome family booster seat review

I always thought that, as Nerys is the younger of my two children, I would baby her more.  That I would keep her in a cot that little bit longer, that I would try and squeeze every last drop out of the baby days with her.

But, things have actually worked out quite differently.  She is so feisty and independent, she just wants to do the things her big brother does.  Which has meant that actually she’s dropped a lot of ‘baby’ things much earlier than Rhys did.

He quite happily sat in his buggy until he was 3, whereas (after it broke on the school run) we got rid of the buggy when Nerys was about 18 months old and never replaced it.  She is more than happy to walk alongside me, and be carried when she gets a bit tired.

We also got rid of our high chair a long time ago, after we got fed up with it taking up so much room in the house, and realised that Nerys actually just wanted to be up at the table with everyone else rather than stuck in a separate seat.  So for the most part, when we eat at the kitchen table, she’s been using the same grown up chairs as everyone else, and has been sort of kneeling up on it to reach the table comfortably.

So, when I was offered the chance to review this lovely booster seat from Welcome Family I was really excited.

Welcome family booster seat 

One of the big issues for me with high chairs, and the other booster seats we’ve had in the past, is that they just take up so much space.  So I was really pleasantly surprised when this one arrived in the post, in a rather small, flat box.

When the seat is folded down it measures 41 cm x 29 cm (the same size as an A3 piece of paper!), and is just 5 cm in depth, which makes it really great for popping in the cupboard under the stairs, or behind the kitchen door even, when it’s not being used.


There are instructions on how to use the seat on the box, and it’s really simple.  You just pull down the seat part until it clicks and locks into place, then pop it on your chair and fasten the straps around the back and underneath.

I did have a slight issue with this the very first time I used it, as our kitchen chairs have curved backs, so the rubber grips on the back of the booster seat weren’t flush against it.  This meant that it wasn’t held in place as securely as it should be and it slipped a bit when Nerys sat in it.

But all I had to do was get her out and pull the straps so they were really tight around the chair (very easy to do) and then fasten them again.  After I’d done that we had no problems at all.


The seat has a 3-way adjustable harness that was very easy to alter to fit round Nerys’ waist, and that felt nice and secure once she was strapped in.  She had a lot of fun clipping herself in, and then trying to unclip it again!

Nerys really loves this chair, she very proudly calls it ‘her chair’ and she loves having something that is just for her!
Since I put it in the kitchen she tends to ask to climb up and sit in it while I potter about, which is great because I know she’s safe and she’s not getting under my feet!

There are several things that I love about this booster seat:

  • It’s so compact when folded down, which is perfect when you don’t have a lot of space to store things.


  • It attaches to the chair quickly and easily.  We don’t always want the booster seat attached to the chair, so it’s great to be able to put it on and take it off without a big fuss.


  • It looks great.  You can get the seat in a few different colours but I really love this natural wood one as it’s so classic.  It blends in really nicely with the rest of the kitchen and feels like it would last past any current ‘trends’.


  • It doesn’t scream ‘baby’.  I love how it doesn’t feel at all babyish, like so many other booster seats do.  This is purely a way to bring her up to the same height as everyone else at the table, and it’s so beautiful in it’s simplicity.


  • It’s the perfect height.  When Nerys is sitting in this chair she is at just the right height, so she can reach her food comfortably and she can be pushed right up to the table so she can join in with everything that’s going on.

That’s the face of a very happy little girl!

All in all, we love the Welcome family booster seat.  It’s perfect for mealtimes, but also for letting Nerys sit comfortably at the kitchen table when we’re doing arts and crafts, or baking.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a big bulky highchair, then I highly recommend you go and check these out!


Disclosure – I was sent this booster seat in exchange for an honest review.  All words and opinions are my own.
Cuddle Fairy


  1. Squirmy Popple 05/11/2016 / 10:14 am

    I can’t wait until my daughter is big enough for a booster seat – the high chair takes up way too much space in our tiny flat! She used one once in a cafe but as a very tiny 11-month-old, she didn’t quite fit. #BloggerClubUK

    • Madeline 05/12/2016 / 11:37 am

      High chairs really do just get in the way don’t they! I would recommend a booster seat like this one when you’re daughter is big enough, it’s so compact! x

  2. becky, cuddle fairy 05/04/2017 / 3:49 pm

    What a cool looking seat! I agree -it’s more cool looking than the average booster seat. I like how the child’s feet can touch the chair rather than dangle over the edge. I’m the same with my baby – she tends to do things sooner than her big brothers did as she watches what they do. Thanks so much for linking up with #BloggerClubUK

    • Madeline 05/04/2017 / 9:57 pm

      You know, I hadn’t even thought of that with this seat, but now you mention it that is great isn’t it, that her feet aren’t just dangling like they so often are in other booster seats! x

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